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MASSIVE garage sale this saturday! - Residents of Gainesville, FL [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gainesville, FL

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MASSIVE garage sale this saturday! [Oct. 3rd, 2012|01:11 pm]
Gainesville, FL


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The last of the kids have moved out and we're cleaning house!!!! Every offer WILL be considered, we just want the stuff gone. Come out before the game and nab some great deals!

LOADS of Halloween decorations:

It's the perfect time to decorate! Come get some inside and outside decorations as well as costumes for kids.
Webs, party supplies (bowls, plates, favors, etc), light up decorations, etc.

Items for pets:

leashes, cat and dog beds, tons and tons of dog toys, aquariums for both fish and reptiles (one has a built in thermometer), wire cages, accessories.

Everything else:

clothes, books, dvds, dishes, toys, everything you could think of.

The sale is this coming saturday from 7am-1pm
address is: 9625 SW 19th AVE, Gainesville FL, 32607
it's near the haile plantation publix off 91st one block north of the quarries subdivision (look for the signs)
feel free to comment with any and all questions! We hope to see you all saturday!