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Residents of Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, FL
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This is a community for people who live in the city of Gainesville, FL... or just plain like the city/ area. We're not picky.


1. Keep discussions as close to the topic of the city of Gainesville as possible. If you have specific UF questions/ comments, post them in ufstudents. Questions/ comments about SFCC, post them in santafestaints. Posts about class schedules, professors, dorm schedules, etc, will be deleted as they do not belong here. Please be considerate of the rest of us Gainesville residents that do not attend UF. While many residents and homeowners are directly related to UF, not everyone is. UF and SFCC are a large part of the community and shall remain as such.

2. If you have furniture, movies, electronic devices, pets, etc to sell/ give away, you MUST list all items and descriptions/ pictures behind an lj-cut. Feel free to sell stuff, just be considerate of the rest of us. If you have no idea how to do an lj-cut, check out this FAQ. EDIT: You may put 1 or 2 small* pictures out of the lj-cut, but please keep it small in size and dimensions. It was pointed out that people might not click if not given some sort of incentive.

* Maximum allowable image size for a single post can be no greater than 500 by 500 pixels. Please think about those that browse LJ from work, and those who may only have dialup. If you must post multiple photos, put them under a cut.

3. Do not simply post "I'm bored" unless you are looking to get a group of Gainesvillians together to hang out/ go skydiving/ tubing/ etc.

4. DO NOT SPAM this community! This includes all those ridiculous posts about "Free" Ipods/ computers/ etc. Your post will be deleted and that will be your first warning. Yes it is spam, regardless of how wonderful you think it is.

5. Do not make posts about your personal life. That is why we all have personal journals.

6. Check the community's Memories section before posting a question to see if it has already been answered in the past. I am trying to keep them updated as much as I can. If you specifically have something for the memories, mention this in your post and we will be sure to add it. We are also adding tagging functionality which may be more useful than memories once it gets going, so also check out the community keyword tags.

7. Do not post quizzes!!!

8. Steer clear from political posts as well. Questions/comments about local politics are appropriate, though. Posts or questions asked about national or international politics and situations have proven to be bad news for this community, due to some people's inability to tolerate/accept others' views. If you want to talk general politics, go politics; for Gainesville specific, go to gaines_politics

9. Please leave comments turned on unless you are selling an item or asking for personal information and prefer to be emailed.

10. Don't be an asshole. You will get banned. If you are consistently being a jackass and making rude and unwarranted comments or posts, you will be banned. There is no reason for anyone to be mean.

11. These rules are subject to change. If you feel strongly about something to be discussed or not in here, run it by one of the moderators and we'll see.

12. No ticket scalping. If you want to resell your tickets, you must be willing to accept the going retail price for them. If you scalp, we ban.

13. If a moderator responds to your post with a warning or other advice, do not delete their comments. You may find your post deleted, or yourself banned from the community.

14. Have fun, make friends, and enjoy!

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This is a list of all communities with Gainesville as an interest.

Your happy-go-lucky duopoly of mods are, in no particular order, zynthpopicon and jayp39. if you want more info or to contact any of us, check our user info.
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